Managing Conflict Across Cultures

Rowena Garcia
over 4 years agoApril 15, 2018
This is very informative and timely.  Learning about how various cultures are distinct offer a better way to avoid and resolve the conflict.   Coupled with the video information, the fusion approach is practical and a sensitive way to arrive at better collaboration and goal accomplishment.
Frank Jin
over 4 years agoJuly 31, 2018
Very good example to show how culture impacting the working style between western countries and Asia. One thing I’d like to add is, involving boss at early stage is kind of rule in some forms, sometimes it’s not relevant to which country forms based, depends on the management style (e.g. micro management) and also in highly restricted hierarchy org. 
That happened a lot in China manufactories because local low or middle level managers don’t have equivalent position when dealing with supplier or customer representatives, even they have same maybe even higher ranking or pay grade, they still don’t have enough authority to make decision resolving problems just because the other side came from other counties……
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